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In addition to composing music favoring minimalist techniques, rain (they/them) is currently studying psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, and biology with a focus in genetics, all of which influence the music they write. Alongside asking questions and making other people make weird sounds, rain is also interested in studying music perception and cognition itself, through the lenses of psychology and psycholinguistics.


Outside of music, rain is also currently working as a Registered Behavior Technician at Wild Sun Behavioral Services, where they administer one-on-one treatment to children with behavioral struggles or disorders.

When they aren't composing or working, rain can often be found messing around with their dog Copper or playing Magic: the Gathering with friends.

Rain began taking piano lessons before the age of four and has since picked up over a dozen instruments, both classical and of foreign traditions. They have performed with jazz, wind, orchestral and marching ensembles, all of which have served to cultivate a passion for composition, which has manifested in a variety of unique small ensemble and solo pieces. From wind quartets to prepared piano, rain’s music has been performed by the Colorado Wind Ensemble, the HOCKET Duet, ~Nois, and others at University of Colorado Boulder College of Music Pendulum concerts

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