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questions/original works

how much can i do with a single note?


how much can i do with a single note (but multiple instruments)?

"business meeting"

how can i surround the audience with acoustic sound?

"slug soup" (mvmts 2-3)

how many keyboards (and keyboardists) can i get on a stage?

"seeds to plant"

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all works:

floating down the river with a mycelial growth named soup (2024), percussion octet, piano (9’)


Denial (2024) trombone, piano (5’)
   Commissioned and funded by Daniel J. Cosio as part of a cycle


silence goes light (2024) soprano, cello, percussion, MAX/MSP (8’)
   Commissioned by The Playground Ensemble


seventeen eyes on an unlocked door (2024) oboe (7’)
   Commissioned by Alexander Blanpied

fontless scribe I, II, III (2024) (body percussion, commissioned by Brandon Gouin)

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m going this way (2023) (violin and mezzo soprano, for Duo Cortona)

breadthless (2023) (soprano and piano)

sometimes it's nice to just feel like a noodle: snap in half/boil the ocean/fling at a wall (2023-24) (pianos and low winds)

Bonk Stick (2023) (open instrumentation)

parallel pursuance (past an unmarked grave) (2023) (Pierrot ensemble)

Business meeting (in an unmarked grave) (2022) (sax quartet, for ~Nois)

seeds to plant (in an unmarked grave) (2022) (as many keyboardists as possible)


To prepare gourmet slug soup (in an unmarked grave):Place slug in a microwave-safe container/Consider a singular and finite list of the set of conditions which are individually necessary and jointly sufficient for a substance to be considered “soup”/Salt to taste (2022) (8-piece ensemble + players in the audience)


untitled piece [A] (2021) (piano)


A Dance Meant for Two (2020) (bassoon)


Spiral: Forced Sanity (2020) (graphic score)


Ambivalence (2019) (piano 4 hands, for HOCKET)


Mo_rning (2018) (clarinet quartet, for the Colorado Wind Ensemble

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